Original T.L. Lange Painting with Frame
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Original T.L. Lange Painting with Frame

"Adam" #1

Mixed Media on Canvas

Large Piece of Artwork 

Currently Hanging Still Inside

Dimensions approx.  5' x 5'

NOTE Added 6-18-22 12:57pm  Upon close inspection of painting airport has noticed some water markings/possible damage on frame and parts of painting. Please view updated pictures and bid accordingly... all bids placed after 12:57pm will be binding

Artist Bio :

T. L. Lange

Born in Oil City, Pennsylvania in 1965, T.L. Lange grew up around Washington, D.C. He studied drawing and painting at Winthrop University at Rock Hill in South Carolina. After a brief two year stay in Atlanta, where he was educated by working professional artists, he moved to North Carolina where he maintained his home and studio until his untimely death at the age of 36, on January 23rd, 2002.

When discussing his personal style and body of work Lange spoke openly about his process and what he hoped the viewer would gain from experiencing his creations. "The creative force behind my work may come from the mutterings of my psyche or from marks made unintentionally by spills or decay...I create with chaos. It is very simple: we all create our own form of chaos and then choose, over time, to continue or to change. While I am working, it is wonderful to be in ‘non-thought mode’ where there are no preconditioned rules, a meditative wave that has no time, and where I can forget what I am doing. I derive the compositions from the beauty of chaos in decay, the colors of rusty pipes, and layers of billboard advertisements. Paintings are everywhere. I keep the studio floor littered with photographs, torn paper, and flecks of paint-objects to trip over while looking for something else. I find purpose in the very act of discovering how to make all the elements work together in my space, in my time...” –T.L. Lange

Lange created works of art that he gave a story and a narrative to, however his vision for his works and process of creation resulted in artworks that allowed for the viewer to create their own story about the piece, and to see what they wanted to see based off of different experiences. What he created was a remarkable and relatable body of work.

T.L. Lange garnered quite a following during his all-too-brief career. His work has been exhibited in numerous prominent galleries, including Artworks Gallery (Salt Lake City, UT), Art Works (Atlanta, GA), Human Arts Gallery (Atlanta, GA), Landsdell Gallery (Atlanta, GA) and Art Dallas (Dallas, TX), Mary Bell Galleries (Chicago, IL) and Foster White Galleries (Seattle, WA). His amazing artwork can also be found in many private, corporate and public collections, including Wentworth Galleries, Larson Juhl Frames, Saks Fifth Avenue Corporation and Microsoft Corporation.





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